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Guild Bank

Post  Inoe on Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:12 pm

Guild Bank:

The DI Bank is usually overflowing with things. This is nice, and much better than being empty. Sometimes, those things are [Vibrant Plumes] or [Rough Stone]. That isn't so great. When it is full of Eternals and Enchanting Mats and Gems and other raw materials, plus a few fancy item drops and rare items, that is nice. So the goal would be (a) Raw materials for 80s, yes please (b) Raw pre-80 material, maybe one stack if you think it is useful (c) If a created item, make sure it is rare or very useful (d) things that are easily obtained from vendors or AH for a few gold probably don't need to be in bank.

So materials for gems good, but don't bother cutting many, wait till someone needs it and make one. Things like Belt Buckles or other "regularly needed" items are good. Also, re-organizing it is a pain, so try and keep the layout if you can - we'll try and set it up more clearly soon, so look for an appropriate place. If no space there, wait. So if we run out of a certain type of eternal, don't use that slot for some random thing, leave it empty till we get more of the eternals. I'm thinking we'll set aside a few columns for "Random rare old stuff" - but when they are filled up, only add more if you see something there you think worth replacing.

Also! As you can see the officers tab does not allow anyone to withdraw from it. If you need anything you will have to ask either Kakari, Renshaki, or Myself (Inoe) to access the materials.


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