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The Rules

Post  Inoe on Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:22 pm

Here are the rules for using this forum, if we all keep these in the forefront of our mind while here, it'll be a grand time!

Dies Irae's Forums Do's and Don'ts

DO be courteous to other people.
- Being friendly to one another is one of the basic building blocks of any community. Hence, we encourage people to make new users feel welcome in the Introduction forum. Likewise, positive conduct by users in threads make Dies Irae more tight-knit and seem much more accessible by people either new to the community or new to forums in general.

DO keep your posts' composition in check.
- No one wants to read blocky posts that look like one huge run-on sentence, period. Keeping in mind that people have different writing styles, I'm aware that certain posters will have a hard time trying to keep their posts easy for others to understand. However, on sight, moderators may assess the construction of your post if it looks messy and will contact you on how to rewrite it in an acceptable manner. If you see a poster like this somewhere in the forums, please DO NOT nitpick their words as all you'll be doing is violating the first guideline.

DO use the forums' search function.
- Often you can avoid starting up a useless thread and have your question answered by looking for past threads that were centered around a similar topic. Also, Googling is a great alternative for more generic questions.

DO NOT flame (put-down, harass) other users.
- Not only are you attempting to point out the faults you supposedly see in the other party, but you're also selling yourself off as an all-around idiot. Keep cool here people, it's just a forum and all you'll accomplish in the end for starting/continuing a flame-war is a shiny ban and some laughs from your peers.

DO NOT spam (post inane material).
- Spam in any way, shape, or form is restricted from being posted in the Dies Irae Forums. Starting up a topic that is blatantly spam will earn you a warning; multiple warnings will equal a ban. The same goes for people who post spam in the middle of a thread that was previously on-topic. Not only could this lead to the closing of the thread and the end of a meaningful conversation, but it also counts towards warnings and bans. If you find spam, use the "Report a Bad Post" in the spam poster's profile window in the thread to bring it up to the authorities.

DO NOT post contraband sites.
- So, what's contraband on Dies Irae? Websites that post illegal copies of movies/games, pornography (of all types), grotesque and violent shock sites, and those that are racist in content are all considered contraband here. Users posting links to these types of sites will be permanently banned, no exceptions.

DO NOT bring discriminatory beliefs to our Forums.
- Everyone has their own set of beliefs and prejudices, but they do not belong here. Any instances of discrimination on an ethnic, sexual, religious, or other basis will earn a user either a warning or a ban, the severity of which will be up to the answering moderator.

DO NOT construct oversized signatures (sigs).
- Sigs are restricted to:

  • 1 Image with a max width of 450 px and a max height of 200 px
  • 5 lines of text that are no larger than size 4 font
  • anything further has to go under spoiler tags; only one visible spoiler tag is allowed. However, furthe spoiler tags may be put underdeath the original.

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